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ALT70020 - Knee for Aspiration and Injection

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Available June 2008

This specialised model is used for teaching and practising the technique of synovial fluid aspiration.

  • Improvements
  • Simplified design for ease-of-use
  • Quick release skin, musculature and patella (with fat pad) to enable rapid changeover of self sealing synovial sac
  • Synovial sac connects easily to the fluid bag
  • 1 litre fluid bag enables uninterrupted training sessions (time saving feature for large groups of students/trainees)


  • Patient posture and management
  • Palpation techniques
  • Identifying anatomical landmarks
  • Aspirating synovial fluid from the knee joint from both lateral and medial aspects


  • Precise anatomy with bony landmarks
  • Discreet muscle and skin layers provide realistic tissue and needle response
  • Realistic patella
  • Supplied with 'No-Trace' marker (non-permanenet rapidly fading ink) for illustrating anatomical landmarks

Package supplied:

  • ALT70021 Knee Skin Mk 2
  • ALT70022 Knee aspirant (250 ml)
  • ALT70023 Synovial Sac Mk 2
  • ALT30023 'No-Trace' Marker
  • ALT30091 Knee needle set
  • Leg assembly with base
  • Metal stand and 1 litre fluid bag
  • Book Joint and Soft Tissue Injection by Trevor Silver


Spare Parts
ALT30023`No-Trace` Marker
ALT30091Needle set for Knee
ALT70021Knee Skin Mk 2
ALT70022Knee aspirant (250 ml)
ALT70023Synovial Sac Mk 2


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