Products - Anatomical Models

Our Anatomical Models are:

  • Outstanding for their natural presentation, assembly and detail
  • Produced in close co-operation with scientific institutions which ensures that these models always demonstrate up to date scientific knowledge
  • Made of a durable plastic
  • Predominantly hand made by highly skilled craftsmen
  • Covered by a five year guarantee provided they are treated correctly 


AYES-AY produce a range of medical training tools from brain models and heart models to skeletons and anatomical charts; from venipuncture training tools and instruments to resuscitation simulators. To view our products, please select from the following categories:

  • Artificial Bone Models
  • Brain Models
  • Digestive Organ Models
  • Ear Models
  • Embryonic Development & Birth Models
  • Extremity & Joint Models
  • Eye Models
  • Genital Organ Models
  • Head & Neck Models
  • Heart Models
  • Muscular Figure Models
  • Nose, Tongue & Larynx Models
  • Pelvic Models
  • Respiratory Models
  • Skin & Hair Models
  • Teeth and Jaw Models
  • Torso Models
  • Urinary Organ Models