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ASM5000 - Basic Obstetric Phantom

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  • An improved range of Obstetric Models mainly produced in leather for realistic examination and delivery procedures

  • The Basic Obstetric Phantom ASM5000 comprises:
  • ASM1000 Life Size Phantom
    • Life size Phantom covered in high quality leather
    • The coccyx, sacral prominences and symphysis, ischial spines and tuberosities are represented in the pelvis and can be palpated
    • Advanced Birth Vulva has been developed for a more realistic delivery practice
    • Zips into the phantom
  • ASM4012 Fetal Doll with Cord and Detachable Placenta
    • Deep oral orifice

    • Flexible to show positions both before and after delivery

    • Cord and detachable placenta

    • Palpable fontanelles

    • Sutures

    • Mouth, nose, eyes, ears, ribs, scapulae, spinal column, heels and toes

    ASM1051 Birth Vulva


ASM2000Standard Obstetric Phantom
ASM3000Hospital Obstetric Phantom
ASM8000Advanced Obstetric Phantom


Spare Parts
ASM1000Life Size Phantom
ASM1051Birth Vulva
ASM4012Fetal Doll with Cord and Detachable Placenta


Optional Extras
ASM0800Rotating Platform Stand
ASM1002Medium Vulva
ASM1004Episiotomy Vulva
ASM1053Cervical Dilatation Palpation Set
ASM4312Fetal Doll for Vacuum Extraction with Cord and Detachable Placenta


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Life size Obstetric Phantom with Birth Vulva (zipped into Phantom) and Fetal Doll

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