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AR251-B - Venepuncture and Infusion Training Arm, Black

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    • Cast from life, the moulding of our NEW Infusion Arm Trainer has been improved and incorporates many new features resulting in an extremely realistic finish which shows a well developed male left arm in fine detail
    • Features:
      • Closed blood system which is clean to use with reduced risk of leakage
      • Easy to set up
      • Automatic pressure relief valve
      • Flexible wrist
      • The skin is moulded from a specially selected grade of silicone for improved feel, durability and palpation of the veins
      • Many procedures can be carried out before a replacement skin is required
      • The vein is now continuous which reduces the risk of leakage and is produced in a material with self sealing characteristics that can be penetrated many times
      • A realistic sensation is felt when the skin and vein are penetrated
      • When charged with artificial blood, a ‘flashback’ confirms correct needle location in the vein
      • The innovative sealed blood assembly reduces the risk of spillage as fluids can easily be pumped from one bottle to the other
      • Replacement skins and veins are easy to fit
    • For practising:
      • Intravenous cannulation
      • Setting up and monitoring infusions
      • Drawing blood
      • The arm features accessible veins:
        • Dorsal metacarpal
        • Cephalic
        • Median cubital
        • Basilic
  • The NEW AR251-B Venepuncture and Infusion Arm includes:
  • Arm
  • Arm Rest
  • Blood Bottle Assembly (2)
  • Vein connectors (2)
  • Rigid carrying bag for easy storage
  • AR204 Blood Concentrate
  • Cannulae
  • Syringes (1 each 5ml and 10ml)
  • Lubricant
  • Instruction leaflet

AR251Venepuncture and Infusion Arm, White


Spare Parts
AR204Artificial Blood
AR253-BSkin and Vein Set, Black for AR251-B


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The AR251 Venepuncture and Infusion Arm is available in Black

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