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AN1200 - Deluxe Auscultation Training Station

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  • Now there is an even better way to teach and learn Auscultation Skills
  • The practice boards guide students through the transition from anatomical drawings to a three-dimensional torso giving a complete training station
  • The Posterior Auscultation Training Board fetures 12 posterior lung locations:
  • Six upper posterior
  • Four lower posterior
  • Two mid-axillary

  • Using the same technology as the AN1142 Auscultation Trainer, the Anterior Auscultation Practice Board will cause the Smartscope to emit various sounds dependent on the location of the stethoscope.
  • The easel display converts into self-storage case
  • Deluxe Ausculation Training Station includes:
    • Posterior Ausucultation Practice Board AN1199
    • Anterior Ausculation Practice Board AN1190
    • Auscultation Trainer and Smartscope AN1142 
    • Amplifier/Speaker System. This is available in two voltages. When ordering specifiy AN20146 (110V) or AN20146EX (220V)

Optional Extras
AN1144Additional Smartscope


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Set-up for the the Auscultation Training Station in the Clinical Skills Lab

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