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AS401 - PDA STAT Baby

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  • PDA STAT Baby comprises all the features of the STAT Baby AS350 in electronic format.
  • PDA STAT Baby allows the instructor to subtly change the physiological features of the baby to further challenge the studentís assessment skills, and to track the session for later review.
  • Scenarios can be set up utilising the newly released Manikin Data Editor (MDE) programming to standardise sessions.
    • Other uses of the MDE include student list creation, session editing, record archiving, and printing of records.
  • Includes the same accessories as the STAT Baby AS350 

  • Features
    • Advanced intubation head with tongue oedema and laryngospasm
    • Chest tube insertion (left side only)
    • Rectal medication
    • Defibrillation
    • 4-lead monitoring
    • 6 pulse points
    • IM/SQ injection sites
    • Sternal retraction
    • lntraosseous leg
    • 3 IV sites
    • PICC access site
    • Urinary catheterisation
    • Pneumothorax reduction bilaterally
    • Very lifelike new skin material
    • Aneroid blood pressure cuff
    • Fully enclosed crib with waterproof surface
    • Heart sounds  
    • Lung sounds
    • PDA and programming
    • 1.8m tether assembly so that the baby can be handled
    • Spontaneous breathing
    • Voice sounds

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Electronic PDA STAT Baby with extensive features

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