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AK073 - Advanced Life Support Simulator Type II

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  • Features

    • Airway occlusion function

    • Right and left lung function

    • Arrhythmia simulator

    • Common carotid artery

    • Basic technique using bag mask can be practised

    • Intubation on one side of lung can be simulated

    • Practice with wireless remote controller

    • Palpable corresponding to ECG

  • Skills

    • Airway Management

    • The airway is occluded by depressing the tongue, and the airway can be secured by chin lifting, upper jaw lifting and head recurvation methods

    • Endotracheal intubation and insertion of laryngeal mask, oesophagus closing tube, laryngeal tube and two-way tube can be practised

    • With the valve on the oesophagus, it is possible to confirm if the stomach is filled with air due to excessive pressure

    • Right and left lungs and bifurcation of tracheaLung intubation can be confirmed on one side with chest movement

    • Respiratory sounds can be also confirmed at the lung and directly on the collarbone and axilla by using a stethoscope

    • Intravenous injection and infusion

    • A lifelike sensation can be experienced, and flashback can be confirmed

    • Defibrillation, Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring
    • Defibrillation training can be practised by using the built-in arrhythmia simulator. ECG waveform can be operated by the wireless infrared remote control system
    • 13 kinds of ECG waveforms and 7 kinds of additional waveforms can be selected
    • The cardiac massage waveform can be mixed with that from the simulated ECG during cardiac massage with depression depth of more than 3.5 cm
    • Power supply is battery-based and can be used in continual operation for approximately 4 hours on a single charge
    • Common carotid artery corresponding to ECG waveform can be palpated, and by stopping only carotid artery, PEA, VT (with pulse) and VT (without pulse) can be simulated

  • Includes
    • Main body
    • Clothes
    • Storage bag
    • Battery charger
    • Arrhythmia simulator
    • Silicone spray
    • Simulatedblood (500ml)
    • Left & Right lung bag
    • Simulated foreign object
    • Simulated food
    • Blood vessel tube (20)
    • Pad adapter - When purchasing you will need to specify which Pad adapter from list:
      • Nihon Koden AKAA6019 1 set TEC-2212 2213
      • Laerdal AKAA6018 1 set Heart start 3000 4000
      • Laerdal AKAA6023 1 set Heart start FR2
      • Zoll AKAA6021 1 set FC-2100 2110
      • Physio First Patch AKAA6016 1 set Life Pack 12A
      • Physio Quick Combo AKAA6030 1 Set Life Pack 12A LP500
      • Marquet AKAA6017 1 set

Spare Parts
AK028DSimulated blood (500ml)
AK051A2Blood vessel tubes (20)
AK073BLung bag (2 each for left and right)
AK073ESimulated food (2)
AK073GBattery charger for remote control
AK073LSkin for left arm (injection site)
AK073RSkin for right arm (injection site)
AKV01Simulated foreign object (5)


Optional Extras
AK051A3Torso case (with rollers)
AK073FSoft case (green)
AKAA750Arrhythmia/Defibrillation Simulator
AKAA820Arrhythmia/Defibrillation Simulator/Blood Pressure Simulator
AKAA900TV Interface


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Whole Body Simulator for Advanced Life Support Training
Airway Management

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