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ALt60151 - Advanced Male Catheterisation Trainer

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  • For teaching urethral and supra-pubic catheterisation and demonstrating self-catheterisation to patients.

  • Realistically soft and compliant male genitalia with meatus, flaccid penis and replaceable foreskin.

  • The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.

  • Features

    • Latex freeSupple urethra and resistant sphincter providing realistic responseNon drip valve

    • Can be placed in 2 positions: reclining or upright (for teaching self-catheterisation)Syringe supplied with silicone oil to simulate local anaesthetic gel

    • Reusable double-sleeve catheter packaging is supplied teaching aseptic catheter handling

  • Includes
    • ALT60152 Male catheterisation unit
    • ALT60154 Catheterisation foreskin (Pack of 3)
    • ALT50180 Silicone oil (50ml)
    • ALT50185 Antifungal agent
    • ALT60160 Aseptic catheterisation sleeves (2)
    • Plastic kidney dish
    • Drip tray, bag stand & 1 litre fluid bag
    • Body shell
    • Self catheterisation stand
    • 14 French Foley catheter
    • Syringe

ALT60150Advanced Male and Female Catheterisation Trainer
ALT60155Advanced Female Catheterisation Trainer


Spare Parts
ALT50180Silicone oil (50ml)
ALT50185Antifungal agent
ALT60152Male catheterisation unit
ALT60154Catheterisation foreskin (Pack of 3)
ALT60160Aseptic catheterisation sleeves (2)


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Male Catheterisation Simulator
Stand for teaching self catheterisation
Pracitse of Aseptic catheterisation using aseptio catherisation sleeves

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