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AV960 - The Visual Wound Board

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  • Two new models which are effective tools to help healthcare professionals and patients in the identification and staging of wounds and their probable etiologies.
  • Made of a unique new material that permits the application and easy removal of dressings without the need to constantly cleanse the skin of residual adhesive.
  • Each wound has been realistically coloured to assist in wound identification and cause.
  • Skills
    • Teaching routine cleansing and dressing techniques
    • Identification and cause of wounds
    • Patient education

    The following wounds are presented:

      • Deep Tissue Injury (DTI)
      • Stage I
      • Stage II
      • Stage III
      • Stage IV with exposed bone and tendon
      • Second larger Sacral Stage IV wound with exposed bone, undermining, sinus tract, tunnelling, and slough
  • Options
    AV950Visual Wound Foot


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    Wound board showing different stages of wounds

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